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Based in New York City, Thought Render is the umbrella company of the Thought Render record label as well as Thought Render multimedia development. Founded in 2013, Thought Render is owned and operated by Deriv Diggs aka DGGZ and United Kingdom based, James Lawrie aka Skimatix. This bass music label focuses on originality of expression and strives to push the boundaries of pre-defined genres. Please visit the 'Contact' section for information on submitting tunes and, or joining our promotion list.

Thought Render Releases

Thought Render Releases

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Check out the Thought Render gear at Dizzyjam! There you will find tons of customizable styles, all printed on high quality materials. UK styles run small so make sure to order at least one size larger than you would normally get!

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Thought Render
244 5th Av. STE D-229
New York, NY, 10001

Promotion Requests

For consideration to be added to the Thought Render electronic mailing list, to receive free digital media before their actual release date, send an email to the following email address. Please include where you DJ or how you will promote our music. The more detail, the greater your chance of immediate consideration.

Submit Tracks

Thought Render is always looking for new and innovative artists to team up with our label. We provide quality mastering, promotion and split royalties on a case by case basis. We are about our artists and about music, there are no binding contracts here. Send all submissions to the email below.